Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fun snow play, the free laughter of free spirit Robin

I wish to introduce you to a truly happy and inspiring person. I first "met" Robin while stumbling onto this Youtube video of her laughing in the snow. There is a funny follow up to it on her blog of her brother going outside to try to have a similar good time, but utterly failing! If you need a source of inspiration, check Robin and her fun, fab blog out! Ho HO ha ha HA!


Robin Easton said...

Well, I think this is about the coolest thing I've ever seen. I have found kindred souls here. I am deeply honored that you not only enjoyed my spontaneous snow roll and resulting laughter, but that you related to it. That is so refreshing to see. And then to have someone from your site visit me and sign up for my newsletter completed the circle because they told me about you.

I find this a uplifting premise for a blog and website. I applaud you from my heart. Laughter is unlike anything in the world. And it is so overlooked. Thank you for doing this site. I am going to explore some more. And will also spread the word. I am so impressed with this whole idea that you have brought to fruition that I am going to stumble your site so that others can see it.

Blessing and many many warm belly laughs to you.

Robin Easton

Laughter Incorporated said...

Robin, Robin,

Singing little bird,

you are here to

spread the good word

with joy for hearts

from simple things

giving the ordinary

extraordinary wings!

laughter is just

one perfect way

to channel joy

and make someone's day

you've made mine

with your fine note

now i will sleep

with my spirit afloat

kindred indeed

you've found with me

and I hope we'll be friends

for an eternity, hee hee hee hee!

your new friend and companera in laughter, light and love,